Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

This week I made my TV debut. I set hearts a-pounding all over Australia when I featured in my Daddy's news story on the Melbourne Cup parade. The ABC camerman filmed me without realising it was me (silly man) then Mummy told Dad he HAD to include me. But really, I'm so gorgeous I would have been included anyway. Don't know why the other TV channels ignored me. I think they were just as excited by the parade as me and so accidentally didn't see me. That's the only explanation.

 The parade was so much fun. I squeezed through the bars on the barricade and could then see RIGHT down the street to all the cars and bands that were coming along. But the best part was the train trip home. I got my own seat and we went into a really long tunnel and I could see myself in the window. Such a handsome boy. Then I could watch while all the scenery rushed past. I didn't want to get out at our stop.

I have had Nanny visiting for two weeks now. Sometimes I put on my best behaviour. I've been eating up every scrap of my dinner for her and sometimes I copy every move she makes, including saying "hmm yum", putting down my fork for a little rest whenever she does and picking up my milk to drink whenver she has a drink. But other times Mummy has called me a brat, like when I order Nanny out of my room or put on a turn when she goes to pick me up. They keep saying I'm already going through the Troublesome Two's stage. I don't think that's nice.

Nanny gave me a book about Theo the Tiger and I can now RRRRROOOAARRRRRR like a big lion instead of a baby cub. Last night, Mummy said I roared in my sleep. She said she laughed and laughed.

That is all the news for today. RRROOOAAARRRRRRRR.