7 AUGUST 2007

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

I've been having trouble sleeping lately the last few nights. You see, when I was born, I was in the nursery for a few hours and I overheard a baby tell another baby that they'd overheard a set of twins' discussing their cousin's friend who said that they'd heard from a premmie baby that they were advised that when something hurts or you feel sick or something is just wrong, you should SCREAM! So, for the past few nights, I've screamed and screamed and screamed. The baby said the twins' cousin's friend's premmie friend  said that when your Mum or Dad come in to try and help, you should scream louder and louder because whatever tiredness or discomfort their feeling might block their ability to understand you. So I screamed LOUDER and LOUDER. At first Mum thought it was another ear infection, then Dad thought maybe I was having bad dreams, now Mum thinks it's my other molar coming through because it's all red and swollen and bleeding a little around the corner that's poking out. Whatever the real answer is, I just think I'll keep screaming. I didn't even have my daytime sleep yesterday. Mummy wasn't too happy about that.

I've heard Mummy tell people that it's too cold at the moment to go for nice walks or the park so she's suffering from cabin fever. Well, I'd like to remind her that we live in an apartment, not a cabin. And when you have a fever, you feel hot. So I don't know what's she's talking about. I just wish she'd be more fun, like her friend Kellie who came to visit last night. She tickled me and played ball with me and chased me and played hide and seek and gave me rides. Oh I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. Mummy said she'd never heard me laugh so hard or for so long and that sometimes I laughed so much she thought I'd forgotten to breathe! 

On a brighter note, my dancing is getting much better. I now know the actions to "I can do so many things" by the Wiggles, "Rock-a-bye your bear" by the Wiggles, Incy Wincy Spider, If You're Happy And You Know It and 5 Little Ducks.

That is all the news for today.