30 DECEMBER 2007

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

I'm a big cousin!!! Oscar and Amy were born early this morning while I was fast asleep. I can't wait to teach them all the Wiggles songs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jingle Bells and Mummy's go-to-sleep song which I can now sing perfectly (I overheard Mummy say that the tune is perfect but the words are still gobbly-gook. She's crazy, I singing perfectly clearly). I also have lots of dances to teach them and will show them how to throw all their toys. I still can't teach them how to jump despite all my practise, but I can teach them how to run. It's so much fun.

Mummy and Daddy still have to talk to Uncle Ro and Aunty Em to see when they want us to go to Adelaide to visit them. That's the only draw back. I don't like planes. Mummy and Daddy were very cranky with me about my behaviour on our flight back from Queensland. But I just wanted to get out and play with all the new toys my uncles, aunts and cousins gave me! I didn't want to be stuck on Daddy's lap and Mummy's tummy kept kicking me.

Queensland was great. I played with my cousins William, Isabella, Jacinta, Cody and Tayla. I got to swim in Uncle Glen and Aunty Kym's pool, I kept running as fast as I could down Nanny's ramp, Nanny gave me my first ice-cream cone and Uncle Glen gave me glowies. I really scored with the presents, including Wiggles books and my very own drum kit! AND there were more presents to come when I got back to Melbourne. We spent Christmas at Gran and Pa's and I got sooooooo spoilt. THEN Mummy and Daddy bought me a new bed. THEN Aunty Em gave me two cousins. The presents just keep coming and coming!! It's such a good life that I've decided to spread the joy. Yesterday, I decided to sing all the songs I knew to the other people doing their grocery shopping and I tried to teach the check-out boy the Dorothy the Dinosaur dance.

 That is all the news for today.