29 AUGUST 2007

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.


There was an accident. There was blood. You see, Mummy took me to the beach yesterday for lunch (one of these days she'll learn how to put photos on here so you can see the beach pics). Anyway, I had so much fun and she kept me out so late that I fell asleep in the car, 5 minutes from home. Of coure, when Mum  got me out of the car I woke up. And hey! I'd had a sleep, I didn't need any more. But Mummy did not agree. She put me back in my cot. I kept playing around an at one stage I stood up but must have slipped and hit my chin on the rail and it pushed my bottom tooth up into my top gum. I cried and cried and cried.


The afternoon didn't get any better. You see, there's been a bigger relationshp fall out in the Brown household than Howard and Costello could ever dream of. My one true friend, the one who used to make me laugh and smile and who used to sleep outside my door when I was having baby sleeps, my bestest friend in the whole world does not love me anymore. Rover and I fight all the time. She doesn't like it that I hit her and is sick of being chased and having her fur pulled.


So, not long after the tooth-in-the-cot incident, Rover and I had another run-in and she scratched me on the face. More blood. Then I was playing with my toy box and was leaning over it and fell and hit my chin on the edge of the box. Oh the misery.


I threw my lunch again today. Scrambled eggs with tomato and capsicum this time. Mummy yelled but I just laughed at her. I have a new game too that also get sher mad. I pour all my milk out and then splash around in it. It gets her every time!


That is all the news for today.