Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

 I no longer love bananas. Instead, I love bickies! I can spot a biscuit at 100 paces. Any type of biscuit will do, except home made. Mum tries to trick me by making biscuits with iron-enriched baby cereal . I'm not falling for that! I want full-fat, no nutritional valued biscuits thank you!

We had a holiday this week. We went to Phillp Island for three days with Kerri Ritchie, Teresa Holland and her four-year-old son Dom and one-year-old daughter Elise. Dom was funny. I like watching him run around and be very boisterous. I didn't like it if he got too close though. I liked Elise too, except when she decided to sit on my cushion. I PUSHED HER OFF! Yeahh.. take that! Mummy wasn't happy with me.

I got a bit sick of everyone telling me how clever Elise is to walk at 13-months, so I've decided to try harder. I practised walking behind my little red wagon up and down the hall for half an hour last night. I'm getting good.

Please stay tuned for a special bulletin after this news update.

 That is all the news for today.


The dictionary according to Ned:

Bahhh-bul = bubble

Gerrrr-gul = circlue

Starrrrrr = star

scarrrre - square

dahhhh (accompanied by waving) = bye

gowww-ahh = flower

beeee-keeee = bickie (biscuit)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmore = more (usually follows beee-keeeee)

cheeee-peeeee = chippie (mostly followed by mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmore)