14 September 2007

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

 Mummy took me swimming for fun the other day. We went to the toddlers pool. I crawled around and around. I'm such a daredevil. I kept crawling down to the deep end. I'd shuffle further, further, further and the water would come up, up, up and over my face. Mummy kept pulling me back, but I'd just laugh at her and shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.. water went up, up, up....

 Dancing is my favourite thing to do. I'm the best. I head bang, I bop, I spin around and around, I twirl my fingers, I rock from side to side. And I know SO many actions to so many songs.

 I've also taken a very big liking to the Teletubbies. Oh they're comedy gold!

 That is all the news for today.