12 OCTOBER 2007

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

 I've made my first real friend! Mummy went to visit her friend Jen who has Ethan, who is my age, and a baby, Gretel. From the moment I walked in, Ethan LOVED me. We threw balls to each other, I chased him around the living room, we sat on his Spider-man fold-out couch together, read books together, pressed all the buttons on the video player together. We laughed and laughed and laughed for two hours.

I was a very brave boy this week. I had my chickenpox needle. The lady hurt me. I still have a big bruise on my arm. But I didn't cry for long and Aunty Shaa spoiled me lots and lots afterwards. She even saved me from mean Mummy who was rousing on me for playing up in the cafe.

This weekend, Daddy, Mum, Uncle Pete and I are going out to Gran and Pa's. Last week, I got to see Aunty Em and Uncle Ro and Mummy says that soon I'll see Nanny, Uncle Glen, Aunty Kym, Jacinta, Cody, Tayla, Uncle Greg, Aunty Peta, Isabella and William. I'm the luckiest boy in the world.

I'm learning new words. I can say "ppppooooooooooooooooo" while holding my nose, I can sing "row row row" (but not the 'your boat, gently down the stream' bit.. but I can scream for the 'when you see a crocodile' bit). I can also sing "ee i ee i ee i ee i" for Old MacDonald Has A Farm. Mummy reckons it's "ee i ee i oh", but she's wrong.

I really love riding my ride-on car on the balcony. Some days I'm allowed to but other days Mum says it's too cold.

That is all the news for today.