Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

Yesterday, I walked (holding Mummy's hand because I had socks on and the tiles were slippery) all the way from the door to our building to the stairs and then I climbed up not one, but TWO flights of stairs all by my own self. I was puffed when I got to the top! I then slept for three hours.

I've had Nanny and Aunty Shaa visiting for the past week. Shaa's gone now. I can say their names very well and they have been spoiling me. Whenever Mummy rouses on me, I just crawl over to them and they cuddle me better. Whenever Nanny feeds me, I eat up every bite without throwing any of my food. Mum heartlessly abandoned me on Tuesday night and took Aunty Shaa and Daddy with her (they went to the Phantom of the Opera). Nanny looked after me so I played happily and then went off to sleep without a peep. Yeahhhhh, that'll show Mummy!

My singing is getting much much better. I can now sing "roll over, roll over" for the '10 in the Bed' song.

That is all the news for today.