9 JULY 2008

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

I've learnt how to drive in the city and have been helping Mummy. Whenever a car stops in front of us or the light turns red, you yell "Ugh! COME ONNNN!" and when you get home and are reversing into your garage, if you go too close on one side, the way to change the gears from reverse to 1st is by saying "oh bugger" and then repeat the process several times. I help Mummy with that one too.

I'm still practising my lolly magic, but to no avail. One day I'll make one appear.

I now know all the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and most to Baa Baa Black Sheep. I'm getting better at my alphabet (but it's easy to trick Mummy because all the letters at the end of each line rhyme so she can't tell whether I'm saying the right letter or not).

That is all the news for today.

Hello and welcome to Sam's Sport. I'm Sam Brown.

I'm continuing to get bigger and chubbier. Everyone laughs at the fat rolls on my thighs. I say "huh! you think these are fat, you should see Mummy's"... Hmm, we'll move on, I think.

In an exciting new development, my mouth makes noises! Sometimes it says "goooo" and sometimes it says "garrrrr" and sometime even "aaaggh-gaaa". It's amazing!

Ned is no longer trying to kill me, but I'm STILL not safe! There's a new menace out there. It's this thing that keeps waving itself around in front of my face and jumping into my mouth. Once inside, it unfolds itself and has these 5 long pointy things.. let's call them "fingers" to help you visualise this demon.. and they CHOKE me! It happens all the time! Sometime I manage to use my hand to capture this devil.. actually, my hand and this monster look awfully alike.

We went to visit Aunty Jill's family and Uncle Ro's family last night. Ned may think that Cousin Harry and his falling flower pot base IS hilarious, but let me tell you.. Uncle Ro has got it going on - he was making me giggle!

That is all the news for today.