9 JULY 2007

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

Leading this bulletin, well actually the ONLY news in this bulletin ... Mum offered me four big thick chips and a plate of veges for tea. As any self-respecting kid would do, I THREW away the chips and ate the veges instead.

I later found out the "chips" were fish fingers and she was trying to trick me. Well. I got the last laugh! No fried food for this little brown duck!

In sport - I went a little hyper after Mum shared her ice-cream with me. I continuously TORPEDOED myself over the back of my Bob the Builder couch and landed on Mummy who was pretending to be the tickle monster. She'd then threw me back over onto the couch. Luckily Mummy's got a very blubbery tummy these days to ensure my soft landings! The game was called off however when I failed to realise Mum had sat up and so threw myself over and had nothing spongey to land on.

That is all the news today.