29 FEBRUARY 2008

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

Mum says I've been a really good boy lately. Mummy and I have been fighting a bit lately and Dad went away to Sydney for three days so she was really worried. But she said I did a good job as the man of the house and was a perfect gentleman. She also says my little brother or sister has been better behaved and making life easier on her by turning around the right way. It was breech and is now upside down, and Mummy says she's amazed at how better she feels. I just think she's finally got over being Big Cranky Fats McGee.

Mum and Dad have decided to move. Dad took me to see a new home that had a Wiggles Big Red Car bed. But he wouldn't let me play on the car. Then he took me out to the backyard and there was a trampoline and a sandpit and he wouldn't let me play on them either. I hate house hunting.

I've been playing in the big kids' room at childcare. I'm still assigned to the babies' room but they let me go next door most days. It's been so much fun. I even ignored afternoon tea in the babies' room and stayed with the big kids. Now when Mum or Dad says it's childcare day, I tear down our hallway and bang on the door demanding to go.

My Aunty Shaa is visiting at the moment. She's so funny. She chases me. She also buys me chocolate. I call her "Day". It's helping distract me from the four incisor teeth that are all poking through at once but are taking so long to finish growing.

That is all the news for today.