24 JANUARY 2008

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

I got to meet my two little cousins! Mummy knew I wasn't allowed in the Special Care nursery but when a nurse met Mummy and Dad at reception and they told her who they wanted to visit, she just told us all to follow her. Mum thought Aunty Em must have been sitting somewhere else today but the next thing we knew we were walking among babies and there were Oscar and Amy! They were so cute! But Mummy and Daddy kept gushing and smooching over them. Are they going to do that with my new baby when it comes? Yuk! They are so daggy.

I liked visiting my cousins because I got to play in the park for ages while either Mum or Dad were cuddling them. Whoever was with me would buy a snack and give me some, then the other would come to look after me, and they'd be hungry so they'd buy a snack and I'd get more! Bliss!

I wasn't very good on the plane over there. But the big meanies woke me up early and made we wait at the airport for AGES. What did they expect? But Mummy said she was very proud of me on the way back. Our flight was late and was wayyyy past my bedtime. I didn't want to miss anything so wouldn't go to sleep but I was an angel and just coloured in my Wiggles activity book. I didn't go to sleep until 11.30 last night but I was a good boy at childcare today so Mummy is gushing over me now too.

I had my first swim in the beach while in Adelaide. It was only 8am and the water was cold but it was so much fun. Waves are so funny! They knock you over! But everyone kept laughing at how white I was. They said I was glowing.

I can count to 10 now (except I always forget 8.. it's such a tricky one to remember).

That is all the news for today.