17 JANUARY 2008

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

I'm still on holidays from childcare so last week I spent Mummy's work days out at Gran and Pa's. Aaaahhh the memories.. they spoilt meeeeee, none of which I didn't deserve of course! Jenny the dog even loved me, although she did try to steal my toast. But they said I'm not allowed the Wiggles anymore because I put on such a turn when they were turned off. Geez, I would have thought they were used to tantrums after 33 years of Daddy being a Richmond supporter?!

When I got home, Mummy and Daddy had completely changed our house. I went into my room, stopped abruptly and said 'uh oh' because my stuff was all gone and the computer and sofa bed were in there. They told me to go into their room and I laughhhhed because all my things were in there! They now live in the guest room, I live in their room and my room is the spare room. It's so funny. I'm used to it now though.

But I'm still getting used to my new Wiggles bed. It has a Wiggles doona and pillow and I can get myself out of it, and I do.. a lot! At first, Mummy or Daddy would lie down with me which was so much fun. Then they would sit beside me which was so much fun. Then they would leave the room which was so much fun because I would get out and walk out of my room. Mummy calls me Casper because I come shuffling out of my dark room in my white sleeping bag and she says I look like Casper the Friendly Ghost. But for the past few sleeps, Mummy said she'd had enough and has been getting cross and making me go back in the cot if I don't stay in my bed. So last night I thought I'd humour her. After getting caught on the floor reading my Wiggles book and another time playing with my Wiggles nappies, she put me in the cot. I didn't cry this time and after I gave her enough time to calm down I asked to go back to my bed. Then I just stayed there and played with the window blind and sang and after an hour and a half asked for one cuddle which she gave me, then I went to sleep. I think that's enough to fool Mummy into thinking Good Sleeper Ned has returned.

It must be the season for playing tricks on Mummy because I got her another good one yesterday. We were out shopping and I had a tantrum because I wanted Daddy to get me out of my car seat. So Mummy closed the door and pretended that I had to stay in my seat instead of going into the shops. I decided to get her back when she opened the door again and I started hitting her hands away. But I have to work on my tricks because I couldn't stop laughing, which tipped her off that I was only joking.

I've decided the lyrics for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are a bit silly and it sounds much better if you change the words to "mummy daddy mummy dad, mummy mummy daddy dad". Much cleverer.

I can now also point out and name Bert and Ernie ("ner--neee") and all the Wiggles. I learnt them in time for our trip to Adelaide next week where I can teach them to Oscar and Amy. I'm very excited, mostly because the plane has a Tiger on it and I have my own plane seat. Mummy and Daddy got $10 fares for both trips, but Tiger wanted to charge more than double that for me to sit on one of their uncomfortable laps. So Daddy bought me my own adult seat for $10 as well. I won't have to share my Wiggles DVD!!

That is all the news for today.

-- In late breaking news, Mummy just realised I was meant to be back at childcare today. Daddy's bundling me up and dumping me there. This would NEVER have happened if my Uncle Pete was here. He'd save me and make me laugh by jumping and standing on his head. I miss my Uncool Pete.