17 APRIL 2008

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

Leading this bulletin.. I'M NOW A BIG BROTHER!

Mummy went away on the 5th of April, which was Gran's birthday, and later that afternoon, I was taken to this big strange building and Mummy was in bed and she had a new little brother for me. His name is Sam. I don't know whether I like him or not. He's got a very soft head which I like to pat. But I also like to BASH IT! Mummy got angry with me when I tried to smack it with a salad server the other day. Sam cries a lot. And he gets all these cuddles from Mummy that I used to get. Now I just get yelled at for hitting, or for having tantrums. And Sam keeps waking me up. When he cries in the middle of the night, I get up to try to help and then I try to tell Mummy and Daddy to go back to sleep and that I'll stay up and look after Sam for them, but they just get cranky and tell me to go back to sleep, which is really ungrateful and upsetting, don't you think.

But I did get some wonderful surprises. Uncool Pete came just before Sam was born. He reckons he was surprising Gran for her birthday, but I know he just wanted to see me. And then Aunty Shaa and Aunty Kym came to surprise Mummy. They reckon they came to see Sam, but I know they wanted to see me.

In other news this week, I turned 2. I was so excited that I woke up at 3.30am and didn't go back to sleep until 6. Then I came out of my room at 6.30 and Mummy wished me a happy birthday, so I ran around the house yelling "birfday birfday birfday". Then I got lots of presents. My favourite was the Jeff Wiggle doll that sings to me. I also got Wiggles cards and a Wiggles puzzle and Wiggles puppets. And I got Thomas trains and a Mr Potato Head and money in my bank account and a tricycle! Then later that night, I got an ice-cream cake. I loved it so much that the next night I refused to eat my dinner and just yelled for ice-cream. Mummy gave in in front of Aunty Kym and Aunty Shaa. She said it was just because she was tired and Sam was an hour overdue for a feed and she felt stressed. But I know that I've got her wrapped around my little finger!

That is all the news for today.

Hello and welcome to Sam's Sport. I'm Sam Brown.

I am now 12 days old and life so far is pretty grand. I get fed, I sleep, I poo. I poo quite a lot actually.

In my first item of sports news in my very own news segment, it would appear that I'm in training for my first bout at boxing. My big brother Ned would appear to be the trainer. But it's a bit like mystery training. He never tells me when we're actually about to start a training session. One minute he's cuddling me, the next he's whacking me without warning. I'd better quickly learn how to block these hits.

In other sports news, Mum appears to be trying to play mind games with me. She keeps putting me in my cot and insisting that I go to sleep. Then suddenly she's waking me saying it's time to feed. But then at night, she lets me sleep as long as I want. How is a kid ever meant to know what's going on?

That is all the news for today.