14 FEBRUARY 2008

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

I have my first girlfriend! Mum took me to visit Teresa and her children. You might recall that we went to Phillip Island with her, Dom and Elise. Elise kept showing me up by doing better stuff than me, like walking. Well, I now also think she's awesome! After pretty much ignoring her for 2 hours.. you know, treat 'em mean etc.. we bonded over a Wiggles toy. When Mummy decided it was time to leave, I realised I had to make my move. And move we did. We suddenly started chasing each other around and around the house, and laughing and laughing. It took Mum three-quarters of an hour to catch us and then Elise and I kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed goodbye. Sigghhhh.

I still really like stuffing sultanas up my nose.

That is all the news for today.