12 JUNE 2008

Hello and welcome to Ned's News. I'm Ned Brown.

It's been a very long time between bulletins. Since our last update, I've flown on a big plane to Queensland to see my fans up there. My vocabulary has expanded in this time to include several new phrases, including "no hitting", "no biting" and "time out". I think I may have lost a few popularity points while learning these new phrases.

Bella and William towed me behind their motorised car. That was a lot of fun. And Mummy's friends the Lohse's leant me a Wiggles book. I learnt every single word of it off-by-heart. I read it so much that it was very much worse for wear when Mummy had to return it. She tried to find a new copy of it so I could keep the worn out one, but she couldn't so she had to return the battered one. She's a bit embarrassed by it!

I had a great time at Nanny's. I learnt how to cook. We made Melting Moments and Malteser Muffins together. I got to lick the beaters. I also loved it at Uncle Glen's and Aunty Kym's. I got to throw stones, play with their dog and sit on Cody's motorbike. There are photos in Mummy's facebook but not on the Sullivan site yet. Mum still can't put them on there. I think she should go to time out!

I wore Aunty Shaa out before sending her back to work and had great fun playing with Jacinta, Cody, Tayla and third-cousin Tim on the trampoline.

I was a bit tired and quiet when I met up with all the Browns, Paddicks and Posts at Rod's 60th birthday weekend in Queenscliffe. I made a real liar out of Mum who'd told everyone I'd turned into a little terrorist.

That is all the news for today.

Hello and welcome to Sam's Sport. I'm Sam Brown.

I'm nearly 10 weeks old and I've spent my entire life working really hard to shake the nickname "Chuck". I managed to stop vomiting but now I have a worse nickname courtesy of my doctor - "Flopsy".. He said I can't hold my own head up yet because it's so big and that I'm one of those ragdoll babies! I would have preferred to be described as growing a big brain and just very relaxed but oh no, we just had to pay him $200 to insult me now didn't we!

Mum says I've been spoilt by my holiday with my aunts and uncles and cousins in Queensland and the weekend with my aunts and uncles and cousins in Queenscliffe. It's just that I prefer to be cuddled and gushed over instead of being left on the floor by myself! Mum thinks she's tricking me by putting a packet of nappies beside me but I figured it out -- the baby on the packet doesn't talk back like Oscar does and it doesn't try to hold my hand like Amy.

This is a rough world.

That is all the news for today.